BR Ambassadors

Dear partners,


As you have already been informed, on January 2016, an extraordinary process commenced bearing impact on the social realm – the merger between Kav Hazinuk Society and Benjamin de Rothschild Ambassadors Organization.


BR Ambassadors Organization was founded and fostered within Rothschild Caesarea Foundation, matured, and spread its wings to unite with Kav Hazinuk Society which specializes in a long-term (10 years) leadership program.

These two bodies merged into an organization that today is proud to announce its new name – Rothschild Caesarea Partnerships.


The merge is of an organic nature, producing chronological continuum (15-30), bearing potential for professionalization and a substantial rise in both programs' social impact, be it jointly or independently.


These programs share a common vision of developing leadership, and hold a joint accumulation of numerous years of experience, extended professional knowledge, diverse array of partners, and more.


The merge demonstrates the ability to create synergy at the highest level of cooperation – merge – and is thus unique to civic society, reflecting the organization's view regarding possible future bonds.


We are at the initial stage of a journey of progress and growth, a journey of opportunities aimed to produce something new, one that creates much excitement.


And you, our faithful partners, stand with us all the way, an inseparable part of our forces. You provide us with back-bone and power enabling us to remain faithful and target-oriented, and to operate with focused efforts so as to realize our designation.

And that is a lot!!


Thankfully yours,


Daphna Biran Singer 

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