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Grant Requests from the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation

The Rothschild Caesarea Foundation (RCF) is spearheading the vision of a just and prosperous Israeli society that works to reduce social gaps through higher education and social responsibility among the younger generation. The Foundation focuses on three main realms of action:

1. Maximizing and making accessible higher education -
Activities aimed at making higher education accessible to the population from Israel's geosocial periphery, with an emphasis on marginalized population groups, and making the most of that education, including its culmination in suitable employment.

2. Developing social responsibility and leadership 
Activities aimed at fostering social responsibility among students and young people, getting them more involved and engaged in social initiatives, and building a multidisciplinary leadership network that functions out of positions of influence in Israeli society to reduce gaps and foster social responsibility and involvement.


2.1 Matching grant initiative -  a $1 million matching grant, to help build the ecosystem of impact entrepreneurship in Israel and generate a greater ongoing philanthropic commitment to the field (application is now open, June-December 2018).

3.Promoting academic excellence Activities –
Activities aimed at positioning Israel at the forefront of worldwide academic research, and developing the next generation of scientists and researchers in RCF's areas of interest.

The RCF is adopting a proactive approach, including identifying social challenges and developing innovative solutions in conjunction with relevant organizations, while building up partnerships and examining the results and the social impact.

Submission of requests for grants
The RCF holds two rounds of grant request submissions each year.

The next deadline for submitting grant requests is June 30th, 2016
Organizations with the following activity profiles are invited to submit requests:

1.The programs they offer should deal directly with the RCF's areas of interest and target populations.

2.Their work should express values of social responsibility, equal opportunity, diversity and professionalism.

3.Their programs provide effective or innovative responses to fundamental problems in the Foundation's areas of interest.

4.Their programs can achieve a measurable effect, perform a measurement or are interested in measuring the program's effectiveness.

5.Preference will be given to projects that display potential for achieving full or partial financial independence within three to five years.

6.Preference will be given to projects that display potential for leveraging the investment with additional partners.



Manner of request submission and request processing
Organizations interesting in submitting a request are invited to complete the preliminary request form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For each round of grant requests, the Foundation conducts a preliminary judging of all the submissions and within 6 weeks advises whether the request has moved on to the next phase or been deemed unsuited to the RCF requirements. Organizations whose requests are suitable to move on to the next phase undergo a comprehensive, in-depth inspection which obliges submitting detailed plans and documents, meeting with the RCF projects manager and allowing a visit to the organization. The decision whether or not to bestow the grant is made following the in-depth inspection.

1.The RCF does not accept requests from organizations affiliated with political parties.
2.The RCF only accepts requests from organizations.

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