The Edmond de Rothschild Partnerships

Creating the Next Generation of Leaders


In 2016, The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation established The Edmond de Rothschild Partnerships - the non-profit branch of the foundation aimed to carry on the Rothschild family's long- term commitment to Israel.

Through a wide array of programs, The Edmond de Rothschild Partnerships seeks out promising youth, particularly from Israel's social and geographical periphery, and provides them with long-term guidance and support, thereby helping form the next generation of Israel's leaders who actively pursue a sustainable model for shared living.

The Edmond de Rothschild Partnerships operates four programs, extending throughout the country, with hundreds of participants every year. The Partnership's unique model enables to achieve accelerated growth and become the leading incubator for Israel's future leadership in all arenas.

  • All the programs are designed to integrate knowledge, awareness, social activism and social leadership, with parallel processes of personal, academic and career development.
  • All the programs are diversity-focused, with participants from the religious, non-religious, Arab, Druze and Bedouin sectors of society - from the Galilee in the North to the Negev in the South.
  • Many of the programs are conducted in close, long-term and sustainable cooperation with government offices such as the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Education and the President's Office.
  • The programs work closely with most of the universities and academic institutions in Israel.
  • Specially designed practicum frameworks provide an ongoing model for activism in social organizations, by encouraging the creation of social enterprises that generate a broad community impact. 
  • Hundreds of the programs' graduates, holding positions in various sectors of society, are creating an important network that spreads the common vision of leadership and personal and social excellence, combined with deep social responsibility and a commitment to improve the future landscape of Israeli society. 

The Edmond de Rothschild Partnerships operates four main programs:


1. “Kav Hazinuk” (Starting Line): Using a one-of-its-kind model, the program works with youngsters over a ten year period, starting in the 10th grade, encouraging the ability of these talented young people who are concerned for, and care about, bringing change to the world. 
2. Rothschild Ambassadors: Centers on the development of personal and social excellence in university students from socio-geographic peripheries, and trains the next generation of future leaders in Israel. 
3. Rothschild Cadets: Local Government & Informal Education: a unique program administered together with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Education, aimed at creating a new generation of public servants and educators in municipalities all over the country. 
4. Israeli Hope in Academia - A project initiated and inspired by Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin, aimed to unite and close the gap between and among the various sectors of Israeli society. The Rothschild Partnerships has been chosen by the President's office to operate the program in the field of higher education. 

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