Measurement and Evaluation

Measurement and Evaluation at the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation

Assessment and evaluation comprise a methodical investigation of a program or an organization's value and merit. Evaluation enables managers at the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation to identify promising approaches, useful responses, and strong organizations that can promote the Foundation's mission.

In addition, the Foundation's assessment approach is intended to promote continuous learning and improvement, by examining individual programs or the variety of programs supported by the Foundation. In this way, the Foundation can develop and update its action strategy and share knowledge between programs and organizations in the same field.

Assessment and evaluation are not independent activities. Interpretation, discussion, and focused learning, all results of the assessment process and its findings, promote optimal decision making and influence which are meaningful. To this end, the assessment and evaluation team upholds a strong and ongoing relationship with program managers in the Foundation and the field, as well as project participants. These relationships enable maximal response in the form of data and assessments, in the relevant time and context.

Different foundations use various forms of assessment and evaluation. At the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation, we performed the following types of evaluations over the past two years:

Single-Project Evaluations
Evaluations of single grants
Assessment and evaluation of the Rothschild Ambassadors' Organization
Development of performance indicators and dashboards for monitoring of program participant development.

Evaluation on the Foundation Level
Analysis of the Foundation's investment portfolio
Development of tools for screening investment candidates
Joint evaluation of several programs in the same field of activity (in development)
Development of theory of change and a logic model for Foundation key interests

Evaluation Capacity Building
Participants and functionaries in programs were trained and provided with professional support in issues of assessment and evaluation. 

The field of assessment and evaluation at the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation is headed by Dr. Gila Melech.

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